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Old 02-25-2009, 08:51 PM
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RPG Stick Grip

This was the second RPG foregrip I offered. It was a gas-thru foregrip, and retired for the current RPG Gas-Thru Foregrip.

This was created from an AGD Classic RT Gas-Thru Foregrip. I would have loved to offer them with the original molded grip that came on them. Because the molded grip was actually molded directly onto the grip, they were a to get off. It pained me to do it, but all the molded pieces had to be cut off and thrown away. They were, as you see, replaced with the 'bike grip' from AGD.

These were stripped, polished, and re-anod, which is what gives them the glossy shine. They were offered in 3 colors...Gloss Black, Gloss Blue, and Gloss Red. As you could guess, Gloss Black was the best seller. There are a very small amount of them in Dust Black, which is my preferred color of choice. I almost always do every product in dust black, but have learned the hard way on many occassions that they just dont sell in this color.

I am occasionally asked if I still have any, or plan on making more. Because these were made from AGD stock and no longer made by them, this was only possible if I made a production run. There just wasnt enough demand for them to warrant this.
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